If you want woke inclusive politics to be injected into your big budget game these are the blokes to go to.

Have you ever wondered why modern video games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, Horizon Forbidden West, all feel like the exact same game?

Narrative wise I mean, how all of these games feel soulless, bland and uninspired, worthless cutscene simulators with dumbed down button mashing walking “action” in-between segments of inclusive political pandering as if they were all written by crazed feminists.

Well that’s because all of these massive AAA game studios are outsourcing their writing to a team of professional gaming hitmen who call themselves a “consultancy firm”.

Introducing Sweet Baby Incorporated.

Never mind how the companies name pay homage to child grooming / molestation, Sweet Baby Incorporated is a Canadian firm founded in 2018, they’re a consultancy agency that deals with many game developers both indie and AAA.

Much akin to how the ADL (Anti Defamation League) calls themselves a consultancy agency, by slandering other companies on social media, such as how the ADL launched a political crusade against Valve’s Steam Store for harboring extremists on its services, by pressuring them with ad boycotts, the ADL can receive a healthy donation from the likes of Valve for “consultancy” work to aid the removal of such extremists from Steam alongside introducing new and innovative ways of detecting malicious individuals and banning them more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

The ADL may bully other companies into paying for “consultations”, Sweet Baby Inc doesn’t necessarily do that, what they instead do is offer developers ways of making their game projects much more inclusive to people of all races, genders, etc.

These guys really aught to change their name to “Cry Baby” Inc instead, given how their only purpose is to dumb down narrative driven media, essentially treating adults like children by coddling them through diverse and inclusive fiction.

Their consultation services covers script writing, story narrative writing, copywriting, character creation, alongside cultural consultations and “sensitivity reading” with developers themselves on how to garner as much ESG score from their game as humanly possible.

Games such as Goodbye Volcano High, of which Sweet Baby were responsible for narrative design and direction, Character Voice and “sensitivity reading”, which is just a fancy explanation to go over the games entire script to ensure that the games content is respectful towards people of ethnic backgrounds and sexualities, much like how Spider-Man 2’s Spanish language incorporates “Latinx”.

Speaking of Spider-Man 2, Sweet Baby Inc also worked on that particular game as well, as story consultants, which would explain the vast amount of LGBTQ+ pro themes and side missions.

Sweet Baby also did various work on God of War: Ragnarok which explains so much retrospectively speaking, with Sweet Baby being responsible for adjustments made to the narrative and character design, with a “focus on representation” apparently.

Because that is what Sweet Baby Inc. is all about, it’s bad enough that modern game companies have minimum wage SJW (Social Justice Warrior) employees fresh from bootcamp, sacking long standing tenured developers for more cheaper, inclusive and diverse employees, but now they are simply outsourcing their scripts, their narrative writing and character design to consultation firms such as Sweet Baby for quality assurance.

It makes so much goddamn sense, especially with Sweet Baby being consulted for sensitivity reading, as the supposed sequel to Alan Wake has its center focus towards a female FBI agent of color as opposed to Alan Wake himself, it also happens to be one of the most advanced games around utilizing DirectX 12 Ultimate’s Mesh Shaders and subsequently its PC performance is beyond piss poor and its requirements are even worse than that.

Just about everyone is utilizing Sweet Baby, the ESG extraordinaires for consultation and maximum ESG score yield, with companies such as Square Enix (no surprises there), 2K Games, Ubisoft, Valve, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Microsoft’s XBOX Game Studios all being dubbed clients / partners with Sweet Baby.

Other companies include Avalanche Studios, see “RAGE 2” for more information, People Can Fly, see Outriders for more detail and Rocksteady just to name a few.

Are you a fan of Batman? You can look forward to the upcoming Suicide Squad game being full of woke intrusive bullshit, all thanks to Grant Roberts, former lead writer for Rocksteady who now bides his time working as a professional hitman for hire at Sweet Baby consultation services.

Personally, I cannot wait for Sweet Baby to announce that they’ll be working on Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, but if you wanted genuine answers as to why all modern video games are seemingly dull, poorly written bland garbage full of woke nonsense and the de-feminization of female characters, here’s your fucking answer.

Because that is what Sweet Baby does, they’ve been doing it for years and now, only just now has the truth actually surfaced, Sweet Baby are responsible for various trainwrecks and woke abominations and they’re only getting started, the companies that hire them for quality assurance and woke proof reading are no doubt funding virtual terrorists.

Here are just some of the individuals behind the latest revelation in gaming, these are the minds behind Sweet Baby Inc.

It’s a fantastic thing that the ESG hedge funds are crashing and burning, game developers seemingly don’t want to actually produce content for gamers to enjoy (and purchase), rather they’d prefer to consult with firms like Sweet Baby to gloss over and alter their story narratives, character designs and dialogue so that their game ticks as many ESG checkboxes as possible, generating woke slop products and profiteering from ESG welfare payments.

Folks proclaim that ESG promotes good values and rewards good behavior but that’s entirely bullshit given how some of the highest ESG scoring companies on the planet are big tobacco companies, despite all of the damage their products cause to peoples health.

ESG is a fucking sham, but then again there is no better alternative to reducing carbon emissions than to give people lung cancer and wipe them out.

Diversity is an agenda, which is why these creatively and morally bankrupt game developers are pushing to incorporate these radical ideologies in their work, because ESG hedge funds are one massive bubble on the brink of bursting, and when it does a lot of these corporations are going to be down the hole and losing a lot of money as a result.

This is all the proof you actually need to realize that there is a grand conspiracy to forcefully push diversity and LGBTQ+ agendas into the video game industry, for years we’ve been saying this shit only to be gaslighted by “peer reviews” and colored haired Marxists stating that it doesn’t exist.

SEGA seemingly had a rethink and then canceled HYENAS, despite the game being near completion SEGA had dumped $70+ Million into the project allegedly, and given the nature of modern games imposing hardcore leftist themes and values, they continually flop and cost these companies a whole lot of money, ESG is quite literally what keeps them afloat.

When the ESG hedge funds collapse so too will many game corporations, alongside the likes of Sweet Baby whose inclusive consultation services promote and encourage censorship and woke ideology in the video game industry.