This will most certainly sell more video games.

A new era for XBOX is beginning, and no I’m not just referring to cancerous always online console platform systems with hypersensitive AI banning individuals for being problematic, racist, sexist, whatever.

While an always online future is but a certainty, consumers are going to have to wait several years before getting bent over by Microsoft and Sony, because right now the XBOX brand has a brand new president, and her name is Sarah Bond.

Microsoft is undergoing a restructuring within its Xbox division, elevating Sarah Bond to the position of President of XBOX. This new role will put her in charge of overseeing the entire XBOX platform. Bond, who joined Microsoft in 2017, previously held the position of corporate Vice President at XBOX.

Following the announcement, Bond expressed her gratitude on Twitter, stating, “Xbox. It’s an honor. Always.” Her promotion received an overwhelming amount of support and congratulations from politically correct individuals rather than the actual gamers that she now oversees.

As President of XBOX, Bond will assume responsibility for numerous teams, including those handling devices, player and creator experiences which is utmost concerning alongside platform engineering, business strategy and planning, data and analytics, and business development.

Xbox marketing chief Chris Capossela, a longstanding member of Microsoft since 1991, has departed the company.

Furthermore, Matt Booty, the head of Microsoft Game Studios, has been elevated to the position of president of game content and studios. His new role will encompass the oversight of ZeniMax and Bethesda.

According to Spencer’s memo to the team regarding the restructuring, ZeniMax will maintain its status as a “limited integration entity” and will be under the leadership of Jamie Leder from ZeniMax. Leder will now directly report to Booty.

It doesn’t take much to have a guess as to where the future of Microsoft’s XBOX console is heading, with Sarah Bond being the head of the companies Diversity and Inclusion Initiative alongside being an executive sponsor of Blacks @ Microsoft Employee Resource Group.

She was previously introduced in an XBOX propaganda piece dubbed “How I Got Into Gaming” featuring Sarah Bond who was then head of XBOX’s Ecosystem.

And not even four seconds into the video there is pronoun pushing, with Sarah Bond identifying with she/her pronouns, she is the first Black female president at any major multinational gaming company in the entire world and she will most certainly lead the charge for a more inclusive and ESG cooperative future at XBOX.

Because her announcement has gone over rather swimmingly with many Twitter users chiming in with witty, racial remarks regarding her appointment as president.

As a brand, XBOX has been falling behind Sony’s PlayStation by a rather significantly margin. It’s hard for XBOX not to falter, even though we rightfully mock Sony’s PlayStation 5 as being a worthless port station, which it most certainly is with barely any actual exclusive titles to its name after over three entire years, Microsoft dominates the PC sector so naturally they would port every single XBOX title to PC.

There’s virtually zero reason in buying a PlayStation 5 in terms of exclusivity, well there’s absolutely zero reason in doing so for XBOX. The only reason you’d consider them would be for superior multiplatform graphical quality and performance alongside backwards compatibility of which Sony’s system barely has much of any in that regard.

Hilariously, despite being the inferior system, consumers are more than happy to continually buy a PlayStation 5 system over the XBOX with the Japanese turned Californian brand only surging in popularity in recent times despite decreasing PS5 production costs, raising their prices worldwide, increasing the subscription costs for PlayStation Plus and introducing a new “Slim” variant with separate disc drive which requires an online verification.

Rather than actually making a positive charge directed towards gamers and consumers, XBOX is clearly going for a more inclusive image with diversity representation as has been made perfectly clear with initiatives such as XBOX PRIDE and demonizing racists and bigots as being worse than those cheating in-game.

XBOX voice chat used to be so full of life, filled to the brim with insults and racial slurs, now it’s only a matter of time before individuals get permanently banned for misgendering another in-game.

XBOX continues trailing behind both PlayStation and Nintendo and yet Microsoft decides to further handicap themselves by bringing in activists to further damage the brand and alienating fans even further, by checking all the ESG boxes in terms of inclusivity whilst pushing someone who most likely hates the entire concept of video gaming which is stigmatized as being both racist and sexist, as the goddamn head of the XBOX brand.

Well played Microsoft.